Creating 3D New-Build Design Services in Midhurst, West Sussex, and the Surrounding Areas

Take a closer look at the planning of your new-build project with 3D new-build design services from our team in South Downs Construction. Based in Midhurst, West Sussex, we are experienced in all aspects of design and construction. When you choose our services, we will photograph the site of your new-build and add a 3D model of the property in situ to show what your new building will look like. You can also work on garden design. Get in touch today to speak with our experienced team.

Why Choose 3D Design?

While 2D floorplans and designs give you a concept of what your new-build will look like, a full 3D visualisation of these plans will show you what your property will look like when it is finished. What’s more, the software has an array of finished materials and textures to choose from, enabling you to fully commit to all aspects of your plan before construction begins in earnest.

Comprehensive New-Build Designs

A 3D new-build design will help you to visualise what your completed project will look like.

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